Why Choose Bliss Carpet Care?

That's a really good question, and it's important that I answer it for you. After all, if I can't give you a great answer to this important question, you have no business hiring my company.

  1. We have been serving the Blackstone Valley area for over seventeen years.. During that time, I have had a passion for providing the absolute best carpet and upholstery care to the best people in the Blackstone Valley area and I would love for you to become part of our family. Read what our customers have to say!
  2. I am a Certified Master Cleaner with the IICRC. (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). This institute is designed to improve carpet cleaning standards, and to help eliminate unethical carpet cleaning companies. The IICRC provides continuing education for carpet cleaners and keeps us up to date on the latest technology.
  3. I am a member of Ethical Services, as seen on the TV Program 20/20.
  4. The IICRC does not allow its members to use unethical "bait and switch" advertising. This is also against the law, but very few carpet cleaners ever get prosecuted. That's why we fight them. That's why I need your help. You may not know this, but not all carpet cleaners are the same. Not only because some of them use deplorable advertising, but also, because there is a big difference in how they clean.
  5. I use only hot water extraction. This is the method required by Shaw Industries, the world's largest carpet manufacturer. The other methods are either too harsh on the carpet, or they just do not clean well.
  6. If you are not 100% satisfied; if your carpet is not the cleanest it's ever been - it's FREE. This guarantee is for your peace of mind.

I give a 100% guarantee to my work. If you are not satisfied, I will reclean your carpet. If you are still not satisfied, I will give you a 100% refund.

I've cleaned hundreds of carpets and my most important objective has always been client satisfaction. I take great pride in my work and make certain we do everything exactly right on every job.

I've even satisfied the self-proclaimed "Pickiest Customer in the World," who prefers to remain nameless. In fact, several of her neighbors have also called my company, because they said, " If you can make her happy, you can make anybody happy."

If I can please her, I'm confident that I can please YOU. Once we are finished cleaning your carpet, if you see anything more we can do, just tell us and we'll make it right. I want to make friends as well as longtime clients. I have clients whose children I have seen grow up and we now clean for them. I'm not like most carpet cleaners who just come clean your carpet, and then as fast as can be, they're on to the next job. I want to be your personal carpet and upholstery cleaner for years to come.

What are people saying about Bliss Carpet Care?

"Lee was very friendly and very professional. We were very satisfied with how he cleaned our upholstery, the couches looked brand new."

Dick & Dorothy Pedroli


"Bliss Carpet Care is the best carpet care company that I have ever used. Lee is the ultimate professional. My carpets look fantastic after the cleaning. All of the furniture is moved with care and respect. I wouldn't consider using any other company."

Debbie Ryan


"I honestly thought the carpets in the hall way were not going to be able to be saved. Imagine my surprise to have them looking like they are almost new!!"

Kim Norton

"I have an apartment I rent out that was in desperate need of cleaning. Bliss Carpet came at my convenience and cleaned the carpets beautifully."

Jean Benson


"Our carpets have never looked better and Bliss was extremely professional!"

Deena Gramstorff


"I can't even come up with the words to let everyone know just how good Bliss Carpet Care is. 3 days prior to my Bliss Carpet Care cleaning I had a different company clean the same spaces. They were terrible. Lee is fabulous! He always perfoms above my expectations."

Carol Lincoln


"You do an excellent job for a fair price. My carpets always look like new and stay clean for a long time. You are prompt and professional."

Dianne Tattersall


"Excellent service and cleaning at a fair price! Polite and courteous."

Dick & Alice Cook


"You take the time and use your expertise to do a great job and service. Very meticulous in the ultimate outcome."

Renee Merolli


"I haven't had a carpet cleaner but once since we've built the house some 40 years ago. To compare; there's no comparison. Bliss does a great job and goes the extra mile."

Christina Menard


"I'll never have to find a carpet cleaning service again. I have Bliss! Having worked in quality my whole life, I have a "picky" eye. Bliss Carpet Clean has exceeded my expectations, which for me doesn't usually happen. It is an amazing feeling to receive superior service at an honest reasonable price. What a business concept, if only others would run their business as Bliss Carpet Care does. The best part of all is the carpet was actually "clean" when they left. Please don't change a thing."

K. Lucciarni

Uxbridge, MA

"Mr. Bliss: Thank you so much for cleaning our rugs, sofas, chair and seat cushions. In one morning, you definitely bring back a cleanliness and freshness to our home. Thanks again for your expertise."

Kathy & Paul

"Thanks for taking care of that carpeting. It looks great!"

K. Violette


"I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the way my carpets came out. Plus there was no "perfume" smell! You did a great job!"

J. Stone


"What a wonderful job you did and very professional and kind. Bliss Carpet explained everything and were very kind. I felt the service was excellent. I have recommended you to many people and will continue to do so in the future. The job was excellent."

C. Zacchilli


"Bliss Carpet is the best carpet cleaning service we have ever used and we have been cleaning carpets for 36 years! When we thought carpets were going to have to be replaced in our rental units; Bliss actually got them clean and stain and odor free. When the carpets were not able to be clean, Bliss told us so, they did not waste our time or money. Bliss carpet has the knowledge, skill and expertise to clean the dirtiest carpets; remove the toughest stains and odors, including pet stains and odors. Bliss carpet is honest; trustworthy and forthright."

J & L Deter


"Bliss Carpet Care did a good job cleaning our area rug. Good customer service. We were satisfied, and not sure you should change anything."

J. Tognazzi

Uxbridge, MA

"Mr. Bliss is a gentleman who is very professional and an expert in his field. I was highly satisfied with the repair and cleaning of my carpet. Bliss was punctual; fair price for quality work; reliable."

Donna Cusson

Franklin, MA

"After (cleaning) results are better than expected. Both workers were polite and professional, prompt. Prices were perfect for the result. Both workers were trustworthy of being in my home without supervision or my presence."

Chris and Becky Griffiths

Uxbridge, MA

"Thank you. The carpets were so bad we didn't think they would every get clean, but now they look great!"

C. Crosby